Friday, September 11, 2009


The past month and a half has been a whirlwind for us. I graduated again. Although not technically because I still have a few classes that I am finishing up right now so realistically I could walk for a third time when I do finish them up.

Then we had to pack up and move out of our Provo apartment. It was nice to leave that wretched apartment but not the many friends we made there. Logan never found a job anywhere so we decided to move in with my parents. There is nothing like graduating and then moving back home. YAY! Oh wait, not.

It is nice to be close to family here and this past weekend we went camping for Labor Day. Logan has a better chance here to get a job at CU Denver which is great although he does not have a job yet.

I was first in line to walk into the Marriot Center. Summer Ceremony was SO much nicer than April Ceremony.

The Mops and the Pops

Me and Logiebear

Having this stuff in your kitchen for over a week is one of the many not fun things about packing.

It is not really fun traveling with this stuff in your back seat but with a cat you have to oblige.

Max was doing his happy dance for some reason during the campout.

We played with airsoft guns one day during the campout from which I still have lacerations.

The moon was full while we were up there which made it nice at night but also was bad because we weren't able to see as many stars.

This is what we do for nighttime fun. Notice the tree on the left, the people to the right and also how far the people are away from the fire. And no we didn't start any forest fires.

And you can't not love the Colorado Rockies, they are bea-u-tiful.