Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer Day

So, Lu and I decided that since we went camping on the Fourth of July and we live in Utah, we would go to a fireworks show on Pioneer Day (24th of July for those non-Utahns). It is one great thing about living in Utah, because everyone gets the day off work and school. Unfortunately, the closest fireworks show was in Spanish Fork, and it was scheduled to begin at dusk. Lu checked online on the official international dusk calculator for Spanish Fork, and found out that dusk would be at 8:48 pm that day, so we left at about 8:30, because we figured the fireworks would be about an hour after dusk like they normally are. On our way through Spanish Fork, Lu got distracted by a carnival, so we stopped. Being poor, we didn't get or do anything, but she enjoyed looking and wishing. It was probably one of the best carnivals ever, because it wasn't too crowded, but it had some cool rides and a lot of booths to win prizes, and they weren't those setups that no one ever wins. They even had a ball toss to win a goldfish. It was just a classic, old-school carnival. Then we went to fireworks, thinking they would start at about 9:30. An hour later, they finally started dimming the lights for the show. It was pretty impressive, overall, but the wait was long. We got a lot of pictures, but its hard to get good photos of fireworks. Here's the best one:

Afterward, traffic was horrible getting out of the park, but nothing compared to George, so we weren't too troubled by it. They actually had traffic cops directing the flow of cars, so it wasn't complete chaos like the concert. It's nice to get an extra day off in the summer (except, we both had the day off anyway).

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