Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Duck Racing

On Monday night for FHE we went duck racing with the Rodgers.

The Start of the race.

The boys cheering on the ducks.

Blinky the duck I chose, is in the lead.

A real duck with the rubber duckies.

Madisen getting excited about the ducks.

Some of the ducks got stuck in the pond and we had to get them out by throwing rocks.

We were not able to get all the duck out of the pond, one of them got stuck in the middle and Brittany had to rescue it.

This is how close the race finished. Blinky barely beat Ovo.

This is me, with the winner that I picked.

Cole is so happy collecting all the ducks as they come through the finish line.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I was going to label this post righteousness but then I decided that it was probably prideful and repented. Anyway, in Sunday School yesterday we had a lesson on the Law of Consecration. As the Rodgers and I(Logan only went to Sacrament meeting on account of having a headache(try having them everyday)(can you have a parenthesis inside of parenthesis?)) were sitting there, we decided that our house was living the Law of Consecration pretty well. We share most of our things. Our house, well it is rather obvious, we occupy the bottom, they occupy the top. Food, sometimes we cook, sometimes they cook, actually most of the time they cook and we share recipes. Time, we babysit, they watch our cat, we spend quite a bit of time together as well. Money, well neither of us have any so its not a problem, that is why we share everything else. Talents, umm... moving on. Pictures, we take lots of pictures of each other. Blogs, we definitely share that, we are mentioned in each other posts all the time. Games, someone always wins and usually the glory is shared between us. We share casserole dishes, garlic, spices, keys, driving talents, and even kids (once Lu went to playdate and borrowed one of Brittany's kids). The Rodgers pump out our porch when it rains while we're away. We help each other clean up messes. We give drugs to each other (over-the-counter only). Logan and Nick even share items on Diablo II: LOD. There are probably lots more that we cannot think but that is all for now. We are living it pretty well, but we probably need to spread further than our upstairs neighbors.

Can you tell that I am no longer in school?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

House Pictures

We live in a house that has two apartments and we have grown quite close to the other family that lives here in the house with us. We are like brothers from another mother if we were all boys that is. Logan's mother took family portraits for us. They turned out alright, Cole does not look good in a single one but we can photoshop later.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yesterday was convocation and Logan officially graduated. Logan's parents and sister came out for the occasion. I walked for graduation but will not graduate until August. We had a fun time taking pictures but the actual time sitting listening to names being called, not so fun. I'm enjoying my time off right now before I have to start doing spring term. Logan is looking for a job researching in Salt Lake so if anyone can help, let us know. Here is pictures from graduation:

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We are both trying to get ready for the end of school. Well, I am trying to get ready for the end of school and Logan is trying to help me is really what I meant. School ends on Tuesday, then we have two reading days followed by finals and then graduation next Thursday. I am a little behind in some of my classes, really just my two math classes and so I am trying to get caught up in those which is why I am trying to distract myself by getting on here and not doing the homework which is what I have been doing all semester. Actually of late I have been getting sick all the time because I have been stressing myself out so much about all I have to do. Not fun. I also have a huge research paper and a portfolio due. Anyway we are both excited the semester is going to be over soon. I am going to walk this April and Logan is actually graduating. Logan is getting a job up in Salt Lake and we will move up there in August when I am done with school.

Recently in my floral design class we made a Dutch spiral bouquet and so we decided to have a little fun with it and get dressed up in our wedding attire and take pictures. It was quite fun especially since this time in our attire it was not the day of our wedding and we didn't have to go to a reception or anything. All we did was take pictures and crazy pictures at that. Also this past week in floral design we made a spring basket which I simply loved because of all the flowers in the basket.

Logan was on a flag football team with our ward and it was fun to watch him play. They won their first two tournament games and their second game they were even down a man. That second game was so cold and wet that I did not even take the camera out to take pictures. Their third game they lost by one touchdown but it was a bad call but they would have had to forfeit the next game anyway because the Bishop had been planning a ward Temple trip for about a month and a half that was scheduled for the next game and no one would have missed it for the game so it was good that they lost.

Overall we are just excited that we are getting close to graduating and that both are parents will be here next week for graduation.

Sorry there are so many pictures but pictures are worth more words than words.