Friday, March 6, 2009

Lubot's Scheduled Maintenance

I forgot to tell y'all about my battery. I went to Denver two Monday's ago to have an after surgery check up with the doctor and because my stimulator wasn't helping out my headaches. The doctor and Rochelle the person who works with my stimulator had nothing but a positive outlook about the fact that the surgery has done nothing but make my headaches worse for me. They said that they simply need to find the right program for my stimulator. What they did that day was change where the stimulation was occuring which was in the front of my head above my eyes which is not where I have my headaches to my temples which is where I have my headaches. They were really hopeful that this would work and that even if it didn't that they could find another program that would work. Also, the doctor said that the trauma from the surgery might be a factor and that after school is over in April that I might need to have botox to help the nerves calm down. He said that he had never seen a patient that had botox work for them and not the stimulator and botox did work for me. That is really good news. So it has been almost two weeks since I went to the doctor but I haven't noticed a change yet but that had been because right after I went to the doctor I got sick and when I get sick my head always gets worse. I still haven't gotten better which really stinks right about now. I don't really want to go another week with a cough, runny nose and exhaustion.

I really like Goblin a lot. He's incredibly cute. He kept me company while I was sleeping on the couch yesterday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Longest Post Ever.....

So apparently we haven't updated in a long time so here we go with lots of things to say, actually mostly pictures will sum it all up for us but that is alright with me. Over Valentine's Day weekend we went camping with a bunch of boys which is a great way to spend Valentine's Day right? Actually we spent the previous weekend celebrating Valentine's Day because I refuse to celebrate it on the actual day. Anyway, we went camping in Goblin Valley State Park over the three day weekend and had a really fun time even though we were with a bunch of crazy boys.

The best part of the trip however was that someone had abandoned a cat at the campground. This cat would try to steal our food all the time and actually did take six hotdogs without us knowing one time, yes SIX! The cat was starving and would eat anything. I even got the cat to eat a piece of bread that was sticking out of my mouth. It would sit on my lap by the fire because it was cold. It was a really nice cat and you could tell that it was housetrained before; I couldn't believe that someone had left it down there. Before we left we named it Goblin in honor of the state park. I really wanted to keep the cat but Logan wouldn't let me.

However, a couple of days later I had made a bargain with Logan that if I got caught up on all my homework and stuff that I could go down and get the cat. I worked really hard and on Friday I made the trip down and picked up the cat. Before you ask, no we are not allowed to have pets but even if our owners did find out which we don't think they will since they have only been to our place like four times in the year and a half that we have lived there and if they did they probably wouldn't care anyway.

This is how far I drove one way to get Goblin. Round trip ended up being 381.6.

Goblin is awesome. He likes attention because we are gone most of the day. The funniest thing he does is that he likes to 'bonk' you. Meaning that if your head is close to his he rams it. Not too hard but he wakes us up sometimes by doing that. He still eats a lot because he thinks that he is not going to get fed but he is not eating as much as he used to.

In other news, this past weekend we had a hot air balloon land in our street. Our neighbor came and made us aware of the situation. But the balloon was seriously in the middle of the street right in front of our house for like ten minutes and then it took off again. It was really cool.

Basketball: we lost our last game of the season. We didn't get blown out. We only lost by one point and we actually should have won the game if the refs would have called a foul or four. The final score was 30-31 and I think I had 26 points. The other team had the ball with a minute to go and I got the ball and ran down and tried to score the whole time the other team is screaming "foul" as in to foul me in which they were doing the entire length of the court. I ended up getting a shot off but missing. They get the ball and I try and steal it from them which I do but the refs call a foul on me. They shoot free-throws but miss them both and we get the rebound and I go the full length of the court again getting fouled and I shoot and miss again. After that I gave up because the refs weren't helping but somehow a girl on our team got the ball with ten seconds left. I was still under our basket but she didn't see me and she didn't call a timeout either. The time just runs out and we lose. It stunk. I was mad for about a minute and then I realized we still have the postseason.

This is my arm after the game. Good thing I didn't get fouled or anything.

This was our dinner from two Sundays ago. Not bad for college students, huh? (This doesn't happen very often, and when I say often I mean ever)

In recent happenings in the floral design class we made a 4x4 inch centerpiece that I actually thought turned out well. It has a fairly random assortment of flowers in it but I think it works.

If you have made it this far you deserve a break. Ice cream sounds good. I'll have that.