Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Tomorrow is our last basketball game of the season. Our record so far this season is 1-3. We haven't done so well. Actually we could have won two of those three games if we had more players come to the games but usually we have only five so we get really tired by then end and then the other team pulls away. However, the last game that we played, we got hammered. Maybe not just hammered, but annihilated, killed, slaughtered. I don't remember the exact final score but I believe it was around seventy something to thirteen or so. The other team could have even scored more points if they wanted to but they were trying to be nice to us. Oh well. They really should be in the upper division and not the lower division. Anyway, the good part of the game was that our upstairs neighbor Brittany came to the game. It was great because all of a sudden from the sideline I heard "Go Lu!" I looked over because no one in my ward calls me Lu, they all call me Laura. It was really fun to have her at the game. We also gave her our camera to take pictures with because Logan was scorekeeper and she took some amazing pictures. Also, when I came out of the game, I didn't want to go back in because we were having fun on the sidelines (see pictures), I actually didn't go back in. So all in all even though we lost horribly it was still a fun experience because I was playing basketball and Brittany came.

Brittany actually did take pictures of the game but these pictures were more fun. But here is a picture of me shooting.

Here is a picture near the end of the game when you can see the scoreboard. 70-11 at this point.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Children

So I saw one of my friends do this and I thought it was hilarious so I decided to do it when I should be doing my homework. I thought I should point out the color of our daughter RRRRRRRRRRRRRRhonda when in real life our kids will never be that dark. Kocoum should have been the one to get that skin color. Whatever, enjoy as I have.



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family Home Evening

For FHE on Monday night our activity was to try and get all of our nerf gun darts to stick to the TV. It was a lot harder than you might think, even with two guns. We have 42 darts and every time that we would get close, a half dozen or so darts would fall off of the TV. But at last we did complete our desired goal.

On a different note, I had a basketball game last week and I didn't fall down once. The game was really easy and I didn't have to play hard at all. The final score was 38-4. The game was so lax that when a girl on the team finally scored after going through the whole coed season without scoring I told her to do a cartwheel and she did it on the court. I also was waving to Logan as he was taking pictures.

Monday, February 2, 2009


The Super Bowl brings does bring some great joy each year. Like gathering with friends and family to watch the game, rooting for your favorite team (even though the Broncos or Lions did not make it this year, yes I am a Lions fan), and the wonders of eating all the food, especially the desserts. We made dirt this year and it looked so good I made Logan take a picture and I thought I would share. So enjoy the dirt!

Yes, that is a real flower in it. Floral design opens up a world of options!