Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Month's Update

Well, this past Thursday marked six weeks since my surgery, which means that officially I can lift over five pounds. However, I did not get to celebrate the day like I had planned because I was sick with a headache. Also, it was not that momentous because I had already lifted many things that were more than five pounds. You try not lifting anything over five pounds for just a day and see how well it works for you. (Logan interjecting here: I did my best to make her follow doctor's orders, but I couldn't be around her all the time, what with school, work, and the like. I did try, though.) He did do well but I am stubborn. I played in a basketball game Wednesday night. I know, what kind of person having major surgery six weeks ago should be playing basketball without getting doctor's orders? Well, let me tell you it was not pretty (see below for bruises). But overall, since my surgery I have been doing fairly well. I have been sick more than I was before the surgery and it has not worked yet, but my hope is that in another four or five months everything will be dandy. My scars are healing up and I always ask people if they want to feel my battery. So next time you see me, if you want to feel my battery just ask. Since I have been a bit sicker than before the surgery I have missed some school which has not been good, but there is one amazing thing about school this semester: FLORAL DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every week we get to design our own flower arrangement and bring it home. It is absolutely wonderful. Here is my first one. All we did was wrap flowers this week but I put it in a vase as soon as I got home. I am not great or anything like that; I am simply excited because the class is all about flowers and it is fun. That's all for now.

Aren't they pretty? This is what happens when you haven't been doing anything for six weeks, then exhaust youself playing basketball to the point that you can't stablize yourself any more.