Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

As you can see I was dental floss for Halloween. The picture doesn't do it justice. I had rope for the string and aluminum foil over half a pudding cup for the part the cuts the string. It was a fun costume and I got lots of good comments. I received all the comments when I went trick or treating with my niece and nephews. I hadn't intended to go up to any houses, but the other adults said I might as well, since I was there and all dressed up. I got a grocery bag from my sister-in-law and went up to the houses. It was great. I haven't gone trick or treating in years.

Some of the comments I got were:
"This is the best costume of the night."
"Hey guys you gotta come see this costume." Talking to the other people in the house.
"Here's a lot of candy for the best costume."
"How did you come up with that?"

I only had a few weird looks about my age as well. Plus all the candy I got was worth the weirdness I felt about trick or treating at the age of 23.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The past month and a half has been a whirlwind for us. I graduated again. Although not technically because I still have a few classes that I am finishing up right now so realistically I could walk for a third time when I do finish them up.

Then we had to pack up and move out of our Provo apartment. It was nice to leave that wretched apartment but not the many friends we made there. Logan never found a job anywhere so we decided to move in with my parents. There is nothing like graduating and then moving back home. YAY! Oh wait, not.

It is nice to be close to family here and this past weekend we went camping for Labor Day. Logan has a better chance here to get a job at CU Denver which is great although he does not have a job yet.

I was first in line to walk into the Marriot Center. Summer Ceremony was SO much nicer than April Ceremony.

The Mops and the Pops

Me and Logiebear

Having this stuff in your kitchen for over a week is one of the many not fun things about packing.

It is not really fun traveling with this stuff in your back seat but with a cat you have to oblige.

Max was doing his happy dance for some reason during the campout.

We played with airsoft guns one day during the campout from which I still have lacerations.

The moon was full while we were up there which made it nice at night but also was bad because we weren't able to see as many stars.

This is what we do for nighttime fun. Notice the tree on the left, the people to the right and also how far the people are away from the fire. And no we didn't start any forest fires.

And you can't not love the Colorado Rockies, they are bea-u-tiful.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer Day

So, Lu and I decided that since we went camping on the Fourth of July and we live in Utah, we would go to a fireworks show on Pioneer Day (24th of July for those non-Utahns). It is one great thing about living in Utah, because everyone gets the day off work and school. Unfortunately, the closest fireworks show was in Spanish Fork, and it was scheduled to begin at dusk. Lu checked online on the official international dusk calculator for Spanish Fork, and found out that dusk would be at 8:48 pm that day, so we left at about 8:30, because we figured the fireworks would be about an hour after dusk like they normally are. On our way through Spanish Fork, Lu got distracted by a carnival, so we stopped. Being poor, we didn't get or do anything, but she enjoyed looking and wishing. It was probably one of the best carnivals ever, because it wasn't too crowded, but it had some cool rides and a lot of booths to win prizes, and they weren't those setups that no one ever wins. They even had a ball toss to win a goldfish. It was just a classic, old-school carnival. Then we went to fireworks, thinking they would start at about 9:30. An hour later, they finally started dimming the lights for the show. It was pretty impressive, overall, but the wait was long. We got a lot of pictures, but its hard to get good photos of fireworks. Here's the best one:

Afterward, traffic was horrible getting out of the park, but nothing compared to George, so we weren't too troubled by it. They actually had traffic cops directing the flow of cars, so it wasn't complete chaos like the concert. It's nice to get an extra day off in the summer (except, we both had the day off anyway).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter + George Strait = Great Week

Thursday afternoon we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was a good movie. I thought they could have made it sadder than they did because I did not even cry at the end. Also, they stuck with the plot pretty well except for one scene that made no sense at all. Anyway, then on Friday was the GEORGE STRAIT CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!! We left for the concert at around six or so, the concert did not start until 7:30 so we thought we would be fine. We stopped and got food on the way. Then we ran into a bit of traffic. Once turning onto the road that the amphitheatre was on it took us hour. Then it took us a half hour to get parked and walk into the amphitbeatre. We missed the first act completely. We did get to hear about three songs of Blake Shelton and "saw" his last song from a distance. We got to our seats at little before nine just before George was about to perform. I was sad that we did not get to see the others but let's be honest, we were there for George. This is how excited we were right before George was about to perform despite the traffic situation.

I was more excited than Logan, but he looks more excited because of my Botox.
This is after one of George's first songs, I wish our seats were as close as my camera could get.

This is really how close our seats were, but really we had good seats. There were tons more people behind us that probably could not even see George but could only see the big screens.

Because the traffic was so bad, on the way in I called my mom to have her get us a different way home. She came through for us and we got home much faster but that only came after we had to endure the thirty five minutes or so trying to get out of the parking lot.

Really that place is one of the worst designed places for traffic ever. With only one main road in and with the parking as horrible as it was. At least the concert was really good because George is the King of Country.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

For the weekend we went backpacking with my family. We left Thursday afternoon and met my father and brothers, Garrett and Lance at a motel in Meeker, Colorado. Then we left the next morning for the trail. We hiked about four and a half miles I think. I don't really know because the original estimate was six and then coming out it was changed to five so whatever you want to think. It was a pretty easy hike because it was mostly flat; however, shoes because a problem within the first half mile. Logan accidentally brought my hiking boots. I don't wear hiking boots, I wear tennis shoes so that it why I didn't bring mine. He already had blisters at a half mile. After about two miles we decided that he should wear my tennis shoes because they would have more room. They were better on his feet but the damage was already done and the shoes were still too small for him. Well we got there with the damage on his feet and still had a bunch of fun. We caught fish. Well, I had trouble with it, but everyone else caught fish. I caught the least at 4, Logan 6, Dad 6, Garrett 10, Lance 10. So 36 in total which was good and they were all good size especially out of the lake that we were camped by. On Saturday we hiked to a different lake and a couple of ponds and on Sunday the other boys went to another lake and caught a bunch of fish and passed Logan and I on the fish count and then we packed up to go. On the way back Logan's blisters started bleeding. All in all, we had a good time catching up with the family and loving nature and especially getting away from the hustle and bustle and life. Look at the pictures to see the enjoyment that we had.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


On Thursday morning I had the most expensive product on earth by weight put into me. The next time that I see you I will not be able to wrinkle my forehead. I flew into Denver Wednesday night to go to my doctor and have the injections. I had about 20 injections in the front of my head, jaw and back of my neck. The injections are supposed to calm down my nerves so that my stimulator can work better. My stimulator actually has started to work in the past few weeks. It has not helped much but it has brought the pain of my constant headache down a bit. I hope that the Botox will help bring the pain down a lot more. I am very grateful that I was able to get Botox because my doctor cancelled all of his appointments and came in especially for me. For a while I was all drugged up because he also put in some anesthetics with the Botox to help with the pain after the initial pain of the injections. At first I could still wrinkle part of my forehead but now I cannot wrinkle most of my forehead and the part that I can wrinkle looks weird. It is really hard to put on makeup without raising your eyebrows. Try it sometime. Anyway, I know I am very vain for trying to look younger at my age. Think what you want. But I am now expressionless. I am really trying to move my eyebrows in these pictures but I can't. If you want to see how much I used to be able to move them, look a couple of posts down at the Scrabble joy picture.
Normal face

Raised eyebrows, I told you it looks retarded. And yes, I am trying to lift both eyebrows.

Creased forehead, I can still actually do quite a bit of creasing.

White Rose Bush

Since the Rodgers have moved out our landlord has tried to make the upstairs look better so that someone will live there. We are fine with that except that he makes lots of noise up there because he does not understand what it is like to live down here. Our landlord is a painter by profession so he has been updating all of the paint upstairs. He does not do that great of a job. He paints over everything. One example it that he did not take the time to take off the glow-in-the-dark star stickers that were on the ceiling in our room before he painted over them. He also paints over all hinges so that when you use them the paint chips off and it looks bad. Upstairs he also painted over the knocker on the outside of the house. All that is fine because we do not pay that much in rent for what we get, but yesterday he crossed the line. He was painting the handrails on the stairs that lead up to the door. He covered the concrete underneath the handrails because he was spray painting but he did not cover anything else. He did not even do a good job on the handrails; there are still black spots you can see from the previos paint job. Needless to say he sprayed the grass, the mailbox, and the rosebush. We have put a lot of time into the rosebush. We cut it down in March so that it would bloom better this summer. We cut off the blooms so that it keeps blooming and we even bought something that kills whatever disease that it caught this spring. I love that rose bush and he painted a quarter of it white. Good thing we are moving in two months. See for yourself. Sorry about the rant.
The painted knocker

The white rose bush

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Yesterday my mother was in town for a very short trip. We went to the Museum of Art for lunch and it was delicious. Then I had to go take a test because I had to travel to Denver with my mom that evening for a doctor’s appointment the next morning. After I took my test we went grocery shopping which we were very grateful for. Then we were able to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House before we went to the airport. It was absolutely beautiful! The entire feel of the temple was very modern. The upholstery was especially modern. We were able to stay in each room as long as we wanted. It was nice to be able to discuss all the features of each room and see what they did with each room. I really loved the lamps in the temple. The other feature that I loved was the difference between the garden room and telestial/terrestrial. The wood in the garden room was dark but as soon as you opened the door to the telestial/terrestrial room it was light wood. The entire door frame and door was light wood but they veneered the wood so that when the door was closed it would still look like the rest of the temple and the garden room. It was really neat to see how much attention was paid to every detail. My favorite part of the temple though, was the glass. It was frosted glass with stars in it. The higher that you were in the temple the more stars there were in the glass. It was just another detail that they focused on. The spirit there was also so calm and peaceful. Needless to say we had a good time yesterday.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Scrabble Joy + more

There is one happy moment that happened today; I finally beat Logan at Scrabble. It is very exciting because we recieved the game as a gift for our wedding and played first after recently being married. I was discouraged from the game until a few weeks ago because in that first game Logan scored 72 points on one letter which led me to believe that would happen often which I found out did not. I finally gave in to play Scrabble in the last couple of weeks and have come very close to beating Logan a couple of times but I did not manage the win. This time however I prevailed. Here is my happy face after winning.

Logan said he does not have a sad face because he was happy that I finally beat him.

The board that provided the win.

On a different note, I have to start school again tomorrow. I finished Spring term on Thursday and they gave us the weekend off and now I start again. What a great break, huh? Logan is still looking for a job. The last interview he had was very promising. The lady had gotten Logan's resume from the previous person that Logan had interviewed with and asked Logan to apply for the job. His interview went well and she showed him the entire lab and everything involved. It seemed like this was going to be the job. She said that she had to post the job because it was an university job and it was required. The job was posted for the mininum of a week. After the week was over she called and said that during that week that they had found someone who had a little more experience than Logan and they would require less training so they were going to go with them. It was not that Logan was not qualified but the other guy would be easier to train. The previous job that Logan applied for had 49 applicants some of which were PHDs and Masters, but it was nice to know that he only interviewed 4 and Logan was one of them. Not bad but still did not get it. If you have a job for Logan that would be nice. Two months without a job is not good for us, but we have been blessed. It seems like the things that we need are given to us. When the Rodgers moved they gave us so many extra things that they were giving away and they have been coming in handy. I ran out of shampoo and conditioner and that is one of the things that Brittany gave me. Yesterday at our ward social it was pouring rain so not many people showed up and they needed people to take home the perishable food. It seems like we keep getting blessed. It is really nice not to have to pay for things that we need.

Another note, this is us at dinner tonight. See if you notice anything.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here you go Brittany

I have been prompted over and over to update my blog by Brittany so here it is. Two weeks ago we agreed to help out the Rodgers on their move across the country to Ohio. The one condition that we agreed to help them out was that we would get walkie talkies. I demonstrated why we needed them and they agreed. After about ten minutes of driving the walkie talkies showed how useful they were going to be for the rest of the trip. The Rodgers needed someone to drive the moving truck because their stuff weighed too much for them to put in a trailer that they were originally planning to pull with their van. They payed for our return tickets to come back. Before we left I became sad when I was holding Ethan so they could pack the truck and he thought it would be funny if he tore off part of my hospital bracelet. I was not very happy. This led to my bracelet completely falling off when we returned from Ohio. I still have not put on the back-up bracelet the nurse gave me when I checked in for my surgery. I cannot decide if I want to have my arm free or not.

Before we left we also gave a parting gift to the Rodgers. It was inspired by Lance. When they first met Lance he came over because Logan and I were helping him make a pillowcase for Angela before she went to Peru last summer. He had taken two pictures of himself and wanted to iron them onto the pillowcase. So everytime Lance would come over they would mention something about the pillowcase. Also, when Angela would come over they would want to ask her if she actually slept on the pillowcase that he gave her. We decided that pillowcases with our faces on them would be the perfect gifts for them so they could see our faces every morning and night.

Who would not want to wake up with those faces?

For the trip we left on Saturday morning and drove for 18 hours that day. We did not even arrive at our destination until 4:30 AM. The next day we drove for 11 hours. The truck was really loud so we were not able to talk that much or even sing to songs which is one of my favorite things to do on road trips. These are some of the fun things we did to entertain ourselves in the truck.

Taking pictures of the driver

Trying to sing

We had to look at their bums part of the time

The beautiful scenery

Madisen on a potty break on the side of the road

The sunsets were very pretty

The bugs were nasty

Taking pictures of the van while going around a corner

Taking a picture of the road in the reflection of the glasses

Jumping out a stoplight to get a picture while Brittany takes a video

As we were trying to entertain ourselves in the truck, the Rodgers were trying to entertain their children. Madisen was perfectly fine on trip, when she needed something, she asked. Ethan was good, he cried when he wanted a bottle and he cried because he was sick of sitting in he car seat and not getting any attention. Cole, however, not so good, he would sleep for thirty minutes wake up and cry, you would ask him what was wrong and he would say "want to hold you mommy." This is what they looked like when we stopped once because the check engine light came on in the truck.

Madisen looks good but a little wind blown

Brittany looks like she is being driven crazy

Cole looks like he has been crying a bit and this is at the beginning of the trip when we had just gotten into Wyoming

Who can blame them when they had to look at this the whole time, and the truck wouldn't let us go over 75?

In other events during the trip we tried to take pictures of every state but we missed Wyoming which was the first one, which kind of put a damper in the situation but we still tried. Then we missed Iowa but that was because I was asleep while entering because it was 2:30 in the morning. Good thing Logan and Nick were able to stay awake and drive. So here is the states that we did go through.

Why does Nebraska have a cowboy on their sign?

You cannot leave out the Mississippi River

It is just so big

I love Lincoln

Oh, Indiana


We were all dead tired when we got to Ohio but we were extremely glad to get there. We stayed with Brittany's grandma who lived just up the road. It was nice to see Brittany and Nick so happy, especially Brittany, to be home and with family. We stayed until Thursday morning. While we were there we hung out with their family who are very kind to us and treats us like family. We met lots of friends and family of the Rodgers. We were also able to go to Cedar Point Amusement Park on Wednesday before we left. It was really fun. It was just Logan and I, the Rodgers were not able to come (Thanks, Rayna). I have never been to a better park before. They have so many roller coasters. We were not able to ride all of them. We went on a really good day to go because it was supposed to be all rainy and cold but it was really nice weather. The whole week that we were there with the Rodgers was nice and we were glad we were able to spend some time in Ohio and get to see them on their turf and spend some extra time with them before we had to say goodbye. Since getting back, I have noticed how much more we stay in our own apartment and don't even wander outside. It seems like there is something missing. Although Brittany is not here to distract me I still do not get as much homework done as I should so she is not to blame but when I do have a project I can spend all day on it and get it done so maybe there is something to be said. Here is the "see you later" because we refuse to say goodbye to each other.

After going through security, we were very sad to say goodbye.