Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Snow Day!

So, we have a bajillion inches of snow up here, and Lu and I decided to go play in the snow today. We had my mom take some pictures of us. Lu really liked it, since she has been stuck inside for almost two weeks.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Update

Well, five days after the surgery I went to the doctor and he said that I was looking great and he took off my band-aids and he also told me the great news that I did not have to wear my neck brace. I thought I was going to have to wear it for six full weeks after my surgery so that was a big relief. I still wear it at night for protection and it helps me sleep better. He also gave me some more pain medication because the pain medication that I was on wasn’t working too well. The stuff he gave me is eight times as strong as Percocet. I still have pain with that pain medication, but I am doing much better now.

My back and if you look at the bottom of the picture you can see the swelling in my back from the wire

We celebrated Christmas with my parents the night before we left, which was really nice. We didn’t take any pictures though. While we were there we also got to decorate gingerbread houses with my nieces and nephews which was really fun. Decorating gingerbread houses is one of my favorite things around Christmas time.

Right before we headed to the airport, the McCahill’s had a party at their house with the whole basketball crew. It was really nice to see everyone together. It seems like it has been forever since we have gotten that whole group together. We had a wonderful time before we had to leave for the airport.

Our flight to Spokane was delayed an hour so we did not get in until midnight which was one o’clock Denver time and we did not go to bed until about two thirty Denver time, with getting our luggage and getting home from the airport. Between such a late night, and all of the previous day’s activities (doctor, dentist, packing, party, etc.), as well as my general inactivity after my surgery, I ended up getting sick. I also had run out of the medication that makes me not throw up and there was a problem getting it before I left Denver, so I threw up all day long, which was not enjoyable. However, the next day was Christmas and I woke up in the morning feeling much better and it was Christmas so it was even better. We had a wonderful Christmas as well up here with Logan’s family (once again without pictures). When I was at the doctor he told me that I needed to have my stitches out on Saturday or Sunday so we took out my stitches today. I had a very scary surgeon (Logan's father). Only the ones in my head though. It hurt a bunch and I still have the stitches and the steristrip on my back and butt. The battery pack on my butt has not been doing very well and has been swollen a bit. You can actually see the bulge of the battery. That’s about it for now. We will be up in Spokane until Thursday. Happy New Year’s!

The crazy surgeon

The stitches that were taken out, they were almost plastic

After the stitches are taken out

My swollen butt

Friday, December 19, 2008

Temporal and Occipital Nerve Stimulator Surgery

I am now officially a cyborg for the rest of my life. You can simply call me Lubot. The surgery went really well. It took longer than expected. We got to the hospital at about 12:30 and didn’t leave until 8:45. We took some good before and after pictures.



It was pretty much a thumbs up day.

I went home and had my nice setup with pillows, barf bowl (which I still haven’t used thankfully), ice bags, sleeping mask, and Katella my cat who kept me company all night and all day. And I even had a little crown of ice to help my head all over.

After a while I noticed that my hair was in a complete rat’s nest from the surgery. I couldn’t believe what they did to it. I thought that they left the hair net in my hair; that is how bad it was.

Now after seeing the pictures of the rats nest I’ll tell exactly what it was, it was all the hair that they shaved off during the surgery. Here is all the hair I lost and how my hair looks now.

Here are all my dressings and incisions.

You can see all the hair that was shaved off.

This is the incision in my back that is the tunneling of the wires.

This is the incision on my butt/back that the battery is located in.

Christmas time

I love Christmas. We put up our Christmas tree and it was so much fun. We had so many ornaments that they took over our tree. We put up our stockings below our “fireplace.”

I even made Logan help me put up lights on the outside of the house because Christmas lights are one of my favorite things about Christmas. It was an extensive process because we had to cut down part of our rose bush that was in the way. We also got in the Christmas spirit because instead of giving Logan normal Christmas presents I did 12 days of Christmas for him. So there have been presents every day along with an advent calendar. The Christmas season is wonderful and made it a lot easier to not stress out at the end of school.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fancy Pancy

This past weekend was a very fun. Our ward had a formal party. It was fun to get all fancied up. Logan dressed up in a tuxedo and looked liked James Bond. I was able to get my hair done by Brittany our upstairs neighbor and it looked wonderful. We had a wonderful time dancing, eating and visiting with friends. After we left the party we decided to go bowling in our formal outfits. Overall the evening was very enjoyable and fun.

On a sadder note, last Wednesday we lost our intramural game, so we are out of the tournament. We only lost by four points. We couldn’t stop a guy on the other team who was unstoppable. He was five for five from three point land in the second half alone and that was pretty much why we lost. Oh well we had a good and fun season.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Lubot is no more

Well, since my surgery I did not feel very well at all. Where the leads came out of my head, it was very sore and made my head hurt. It also made me tense my neck all day long which also made me have a worse headache. Plus the wires that I had and the discomfort made it harder to sleep which again made me have more bad headaches. So, all in all the trial surgery did not go well. But when I went to the doctor, he said that because all the problems that I had were with the leads coming out of my body and the wires that I should go ahead with the real surgery. He also said that he was going to put leads in my temples, since that is where I have most of my pain. Oh and by the way during the ten days that I could not take a shower Logan helped me wash my hair and take showers so I did not get my dressings wet, thanks to our neighbors’ wonderful extended shower hose. Another little side note is that before we left for Thanksgiving our basketball team played a game and they lost, but luckily it is double elimination in the tournament and we have a game on Tuesday night. Hopefully we will win because we cannot lose another game. We also had a very good time going to Denver for Thanksgiving and seeing family and friends and going to Emmy’s basketball game.

This is right before I went to the doctor to have the lead taken out. It looks even more disgusting than when at the beginning because it was on me for ten days and the blood had coagulated.

This is all that is left of the tape at the end of the ten days

The wound that was left after he took out the leads. If you look closely enough you can see all my hair that he shaved off and was already starting to grow back.

Emmy and me after the Minnesota-UMass game.