Monday, November 17, 2008

Return from Surgery

Laura returned from Denver after her surgery earlier this afternoon. She was feeling fine right afterward, but once the anesthetic wore off, she has been in some pain. She has Vicodin, but it doesn't seem to be doing much. The implant seems to be doing something, though. She says that when its on, it kind of feels like when your foot falls asleep, all tingly. For the procedure, they had to shave off a little bit of her hair, but its on the base of her neck so you really don't notice. The leads are of course internal, but most of the wire is external, just taped to the back of her neck. Also, for lack of a better word, there is a capacitor that is also taped to her chest. And they are not allowed to get wet until they are removed on the 26th, so she has to go nearly 10 days without a shower. She's not happy about that, for sure. But she says that during the day everything seemed to be going well. The anesthesiologist was very kind, the nurses were nice, the person telling her how to use the device was cheerful, and the flight attendant was incredibly serviceable. The only thing that went wrong the whole day was the she had to share her row on the plane, so she wasn't able to lay down for a nap during her flight home. It is good to have her home, though. I was hardly able to sleep last night in that big bed all by myself. But lets face it; you're all reading this to hear about Laura, not me. So here are the pictures.

Looks kinda bloody, huh? At least they could have cleaned her up a bit better, since she can't shower for over a week!

This is the "capacitor." I guess it might be more of a router of sorts, but I don't really know.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Basketball and Surgery

Our basketball team played very well yesterday and we won our game 56 to 45. That means we are now in the final four. However, my team is sad to hear that I will not be able to play in the next game because of my surgery. Now about surgery, so tomorrow is the big day that I go into surgery. I don’t know much about the surgery myself, and most of what I do know is what I learned from my brother earlier today. The trial surgery that I am going to have is exactly like the real surgery. They are going to put a lead in the back my head right above my hairline and then at about my hairline a battery pack will be there. I will control the battery and I will also have a remote to control the intensity of the battery and the sensation of the battery. The most important part about this surgery is that I have a battery pack and that I will now be something more than human and that is where you come in. I have had a lot of different names so far but I want to get the best name for what to call me. Here are a few to get you thinking, energizer bunny, robot, cyborg, etc. Now tell me what you think my name should be now that I will have a battery pack in the back of my head. For the real surgery the battery pack will be hidden at my side just in case you are wondering. Here is what the devices look like.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I feel like this week is absolutely crazy. It really is not. I have three tests this week one tomorrow, one on Friday and one I can take on Friday or Saturday and I am going to take it on Saturday. That is all I have going this week so it is not really that crazy. It seems worse because I am still doing homework from last week that I finally turned in today so I can start studying for my tests that start tomorrow. The other thing that is making me go crazy is that next week is when I have my trial neurostimulator implant surgery. Every time I think about the fact that I will be traveling to Denver on Sunday afternoon, having surgery on Monday morning, and be back in Utah on Monday afternoon, makes me very nervous. This could be the first surgery and step, towards life altering change for me before the real surgery in December. It will be so amazing if the trial works well; my life will be completely changed. I keep thinking about all of these things and then I change tracks and go back to school and think about how I am missing a day of school next week and will already be starting behind because I am supposed to be turning in a take home essay that is due on Monday that goes along with the test that I am going to be taking on Friday. Wow I think that is the longest run on sentence ever and I am not even going to change it because that is exactly the chaotic thinking that is going on in my brain right now. I simply cannot wait for Thanksgiving to get here and a nice break from school. That is also when the trial surgery will be taken out. I really hope it works. In the mean time does anyone want to take a test?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Intramural Basketball

This past weekend was the first game of the intramural tournament of basketball. We actually had a bye for our first game because of our amazing season record of 3-2. The game started out well; there were only eight players on the court because the other team did not have any other players show up. We had the players but our other girl did not have her shoes on. Then the game went on and we took over because we had five players and they only had four. The coed intramural rules at BYU basically treat the women as goddesses. They say that there must be three girls and two guys on the court or you can have one guy and three girls or two guys and two girls if you do not have enough players. So we had three girls and they only had two girls, so we took advantage of that the entire game. The girls on our team were exhausted by the end of the game. Also, the rules say that men cannot rebound the ball inside the lane. Men cannot guard women but women can guard men. So while the women on our team were taking advantage of the three on two the men on their team were trying to score on our men. The women on our team were helping out on defense the whole time and we were frustrating their men because they could not really do anything because like I said the rules make women like goddesses. This is where the best play of the entire game takes place. I took a charge. One of the guys on their team was getting frustrated because we were pulling ahead by a large amount. He was so frustrated that he was driving down the lane and I came to help. He saw me and put down his head and shoulder and kept driving. He completely just drove into my chest. I did not even have to fall down. I started laughing after because I did not know what else he was expecting. My mother was also in town and at the game and she was laughing hysterically and the ref started looking at her because of her laughter. So we won the game easily, 60 to 30. It was pretty fun except for the fact that I had to play the whole game and I am too out of shape to do that, so I was extremely tired. Hopefully next game will be a little more intense.

P.S. This is Logan. Just letting everyone know that Lu got a triple-double in the game. She is so awesome! Oh, and I scored one point (which is more than the last three games combined).

Here is a few pictures of the charge. If you notice in the last picture, the guy is not stopping for no one.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

This year Halloween was a bunch of fun. We did quite a lot. During the BYU-UNLV game last week I painted my toe nails and finger nails as you can see.

Then we carved pumpkins the day before Halloween.

Then came Halloween. We all know that I love dressing up for Halloween but on Halloween I simply dressed up in my Belle costume. Logan was not allowed to dress up for Halloween because of his work. I still rode my bike to campus and my dress got caught in the tire so now I have a black spot on the back of my dress. That night we also went to a couple of free haunted houses. One of them was on campus and it wasn't very good and another one was really good that was put on by people in a residential area.

The next day is when we really dressed up. Our ward put on a Clue Halloween party. Logan dressed up as Professor Plum and I dressed up as a candle. It was a lot of fun because we played lifesize Clue where we had to go around to all the different rooms and talk to the characters to find out who did it.

Now after seeing a picture of me as a birthday candle and seeing how ridiculous my hair looked I want you to know that I could not stand up in our apartment. As you know we live in the basement so the ceilings aren't that tall and my hair added an extra two feet to my height which you can't really tell in the picture. Also while we were playing the Clue game and going to all the different rooms that the characters were in I would have to duck in and out of the doors and apparently I looked pretty humerous because most people would laugh when they saw me go through the doors. Basically, overall we had a pretty fun Halloween and we hope you did as well.