Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have finally finished my paper for school that I have been working on for so so long. A couple of people have requested to read it and I'm sure more people would like to read it because it is simply that good(not really), more it is interesting. The paper is on art missionaries that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have sent out. Read if you like. A word of caution: it is quite long.

 Art Missions

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

As you can see I was dental floss for Halloween. The picture doesn't do it justice. I had rope for the string and aluminum foil over half a pudding cup for the part the cuts the string. It was a fun costume and I got lots of good comments. I received all the comments when I went trick or treating with my niece and nephews. I hadn't intended to go up to any houses, but the other adults said I might as well, since I was there and all dressed up. I got a grocery bag from my sister-in-law and went up to the houses. It was great. I haven't gone trick or treating in years.

Some of the comments I got were:
"This is the best costume of the night."
"Hey guys you gotta come see this costume." Talking to the other people in the house.
"Here's a lot of candy for the best costume."
"How did you come up with that?"

I only had a few weird looks about my age as well. Plus all the candy I got was worth the weirdness I felt about trick or treating at the age of 23.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The past month and a half has been a whirlwind for us. I graduated again. Although not technically because I still have a few classes that I am finishing up right now so realistically I could walk for a third time when I do finish them up.

Then we had to pack up and move out of our Provo apartment. It was nice to leave that wretched apartment but not the many friends we made there. Logan never found a job anywhere so we decided to move in with my parents. There is nothing like graduating and then moving back home. YAY! Oh wait, not.

It is nice to be close to family here and this past weekend we went camping for Labor Day. Logan has a better chance here to get a job at CU Denver which is great although he does not have a job yet.

I was first in line to walk into the Marriot Center. Summer Ceremony was SO much nicer than April Ceremony.

The Mops and the Pops

Me and Logiebear

Having this stuff in your kitchen for over a week is one of the many not fun things about packing.

It is not really fun traveling with this stuff in your back seat but with a cat you have to oblige.

Max was doing his happy dance for some reason during the campout.

We played with airsoft guns one day during the campout from which I still have lacerations.

The moon was full while we were up there which made it nice at night but also was bad because we weren't able to see as many stars.

This is what we do for nighttime fun. Notice the tree on the left, the people to the right and also how far the people are away from the fire. And no we didn't start any forest fires.

And you can't not love the Colorado Rockies, they are bea-u-tiful.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer Day

So, Lu and I decided that since we went camping on the Fourth of July and we live in Utah, we would go to a fireworks show on Pioneer Day (24th of July for those non-Utahns). It is one great thing about living in Utah, because everyone gets the day off work and school. Unfortunately, the closest fireworks show was in Spanish Fork, and it was scheduled to begin at dusk. Lu checked online on the official international dusk calculator for Spanish Fork, and found out that dusk would be at 8:48 pm that day, so we left at about 8:30, because we figured the fireworks would be about an hour after dusk like they normally are. On our way through Spanish Fork, Lu got distracted by a carnival, so we stopped. Being poor, we didn't get or do anything, but she enjoyed looking and wishing. It was probably one of the best carnivals ever, because it wasn't too crowded, but it had some cool rides and a lot of booths to win prizes, and they weren't those setups that no one ever wins. They even had a ball toss to win a goldfish. It was just a classic, old-school carnival. Then we went to fireworks, thinking they would start at about 9:30. An hour later, they finally started dimming the lights for the show. It was pretty impressive, overall, but the wait was long. We got a lot of pictures, but its hard to get good photos of fireworks. Here's the best one:

Afterward, traffic was horrible getting out of the park, but nothing compared to George, so we weren't too troubled by it. They actually had traffic cops directing the flow of cars, so it wasn't complete chaos like the concert. It's nice to get an extra day off in the summer (except, we both had the day off anyway).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter + George Strait = Great Week

Thursday afternoon we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was a good movie. I thought they could have made it sadder than they did because I did not even cry at the end. Also, they stuck with the plot pretty well except for one scene that made no sense at all. Anyway, then on Friday was the GEORGE STRAIT CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!! We left for the concert at around six or so, the concert did not start until 7:30 so we thought we would be fine. We stopped and got food on the way. Then we ran into a bit of traffic. Once turning onto the road that the amphitheatre was on it took us hour. Then it took us a half hour to get parked and walk into the amphitbeatre. We missed the first act completely. We did get to hear about three songs of Blake Shelton and "saw" his last song from a distance. We got to our seats at little before nine just before George was about to perform. I was sad that we did not get to see the others but let's be honest, we were there for George. This is how excited we were right before George was about to perform despite the traffic situation.

I was more excited than Logan, but he looks more excited because of my Botox.
This is after one of George's first songs, I wish our seats were as close as my camera could get.

This is really how close our seats were, but really we had good seats. There were tons more people behind us that probably could not even see George but could only see the big screens.

Because the traffic was so bad, on the way in I called my mom to have her get us a different way home. She came through for us and we got home much faster but that only came after we had to endure the thirty five minutes or so trying to get out of the parking lot.

Really that place is one of the worst designed places for traffic ever. With only one main road in and with the parking as horrible as it was. At least the concert was really good because George is the King of Country.